Never Too Much Drama: Our Black Beauty Theatrical

Chris Larson sculpture.
Sculptor-beyond-belief Chris Larson (as seen in such venues as the fucking Walker, where Pablo Picasso once had a brief run) will build the sets for this towering production.

As Matt and I have been talking about our big record release for Black Beauty, I personally just could not quite stomach the idea of a “record release show.”  Not that there is anything wrong with anyone else’s “record release show” or RRS, but something about the appellation rubbed me… not right.

Besides, Matt was telling me, “I want this RRS and record to be the biggest deal EVER!” And somehow the idea of doing an RRS at a club, playing some old songs, some new songs blah blah blah… just seemed… not a big enough deal for something we have been breaking up over, practically, for FIVE YEARS.

So, we have planned, at a new venue called Black Box, never before seen by anyone , a theatrical record release event: The Twilight Hours’ Black Beauty.

The show will be unlike anything we have ever done before.  I am so tempted to spill the beans here, but suffice it to say it will be unusual.

The RRS mission is to shed some light on the meanings behind the songs, to spark some philosophical inquiries and to create a unique spectacle.  And more than that, an opportunity to collaborate and create with some really cool, talented artists that we admire.

We are doing the show over two nights.  The number of tickets is very limited. Really. This is not a bullshit come on to get you to get out your wallets now.  This is real. Only 125 tickets per night.  Two nights.

We are excited.  We hope you can come.