The Twilight Hours w/ Dylan Hicks at Le Musique Room Feb 10, 2018

The Twilight Hours at Le Musique Room in St. Michael, MN feb 10, 2018

Happy 2018! Thank you all for your support in 2017. The final show for us at The Hook and Ladder was a blast. First Avenue also: AWESOME! That’s it for dates in town for awhile, so hope you all got into and onto those shows.

But now we are moving on. Points north. Points south.

Next up: Le Musique Room in St. Michael, MN… it conjures up a different time, a more elegant time, a secluded time only a half hour from the Twin Cities.

Great things about this venue:

1) it is in a movie theater meant to evoke The Moulin Rouge in Gay Paree. That’s right! Paris on the Prairie!!

2) because it is a former movie theater there are big cushy modern movie seats where you can recline and let the music transport you

3) it is not that far away

You are wondering what the “cons” list is comprised of. The answer is “not one thing.”

One member of our ensemble has an idea which we think would be amazing if someone wanted to lead the charge: a party bus to the venue. (We’re not calling it a drunk bus.) That’s right! All the true believers seated, party bus style, with coolers full of preferred beverages, and no responsibility to drive. Again, this would be the safe way to make this gig a party. Please take movies of your on-bus activities. No nudity.

So there it is: come on up and join us at Le Musique Room, February 10th.

And what else?

Another date in our home state!

We are playing at The Sheldon opening for Porcupine at the inaugural Big Turn Fest in Red Wing, MN. The Big Turn is brought to you by the same people who put on The Midwest Music Fest in Winona. If the vibes are anything similar to Winona, this should be the start of something great. The Sheldon is a cool old theater. You will love it. February 16th. Bonus points for people who get rooms and stay over for John’s show with The New Standards at the same venue the following night!!

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