Maybe, maybe, maybe this is the sweetest video ever?

The Twilight Hours Maybe Video is the sweetest thing ever.
A scene from The Twilight Hours video for the song "Maybe"

Editor’s Note: This song, “Maybe,” and it’s 12 melodious brothers are assembled for you on our new album, Black Beauty, available now in all forms including audiophile-weight black vinyl.

As we have been making Black Beauty, as tracks have been coming in and going out, I’ve been making little films to accompany the mixes for my own entertainment and because I reckon that eventually (immediately?) the songs will be posted on youtube.  Dave Salmela thought they were pretty fun and so I’m going to post what I have through the month of May… I don’t quite have one for every song yet, but who knows?

Here’s the first one.  It’s my favorite.  I just love the innocence of the moment captured by this filmmaker and I dream that perhaps it might inspire dancers at a show some day.  Hope you enjoy it.