House Concerts

John and Matt want to play music at your place. If you’d like to host a concert at your house, read on. If you’re planning to attend a Twilight Hours house concert, you can learn about that down below.

Hosting a Twilight Hours Show

Our house concerts are acoustic shows featuring John and Matt. Sometimes we bring an additional musician.

Our preference is for performances to be held indoors for all the reasons you might expect and some you may not have thought of.

If you’d like to host a house concert, first step is to contact us at with the following information:

  • Show address
  • Approximate number of people who can fit comfortably in your home (40-50 is preferred)
  • Available dates
  • Best day-of-show phone #
  • Parking instructions for guests and performers
  • Seating (floor seating is ok unless there is a better option)
  • Misc helpful details (e.g. “use back door, no parking on odd side of street, a cat lives in the home, etc…”)
  • Policy on alcohol

It’s totally cool if you don’t want people to bring alcohol. This is what we usually tell guests if you are ok with guests bringing beverages…

“The host is allowing attendees to bring a few beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy at the show. But please remember that this is a low-key intimate acoustic performance, not a party. Please pick up after yourself after the show.”

That’s it.

Once we have the info we’ll be in touch about possible dates. When the show is confirmed, we’ll set up a ticket page and pass that info along to you.

You get 4 free tickets in addition to anyone who lives in the house. There’s no need to run your personal guests through our list or give us the names. Everyone else needs to buy tickets in advance through our website. We do it this way so you don’t have to deal with any money at the show, and it helps us keep the guest list accurate and with accounting on our end.

Everyone who buys tickets will get a confirmation email with details about the show… your address, phone number, parking info, arrival time, show time and seating situation. Your name, address or contact info will not be published anywhere on the internet. We don’t want people showing up at your house trying to buy tickets at the door.

Here are some tips to help it go smoothly on the night of the show.

We will send over the final guest list the day of the show. All you have to do is check names off at the door and show people where to stand or sit when they arrive and perhaps show them where to find the bathroom. Some people print the confirmation as their ticket. Some have it on their phone… as long as their name is on the list, it’s cool to let them in.

We ask guests to start arriving at your place after 7:00 pm. The band will arrive around 6pm to set up. The shows generally run from 8:00 pm until about 9:30 pm. We let fans know ahead of time they should be out of your space by 10:00 pm (unless you say it’s ok for folks to hang out later).

Put on some background music (not ours) at moderate to low volume so people can meet each other and chat before the show. Something you can turn off before the show starts and turn on after the show is over.

The band will need a small table or countertop space to lay out tour merchandise they’ll sell after the show.

Please also provide a private space (a bedroom or office) for Matt and John to warm up and store their belongings.

Mood lighting! It’s helpful to have some ambient lighting, a few lamps or overhead lights on a dimmer to set the mood. If you have no control over the lights, don’t worry about it.

Some hosts put out food or snacks and some don’t. It’s not required or expected. Totally up to you.

A bottle or glass of non-carbonated water for the performers is much appreciated.

A clearly marked recycling receptacle helps us be good stewards of the Earth.

We don’t have openers on these shows. Please don’t ask us to make an exception to have your friend or favorite local songwriter play a few songs before the show. That puts us all in a weird spot when we have to say no. We’re already asking fans to sit still and quiet for about 90 minutes for our show. We don’t want people to get restless. Plus, an important part of touring is being able to create a routine and consistency for every show. The band likes to play for a fresh audience.

Please tuck your dog and cat away in a separate room until after the show.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to us at

Attending a Twilight Hours House Concert

If you’re attending one of our house concerts, here’s what to expect:


Price: $40. An email confirmation will be sent to you to you shortly after your purchase is complete. Please double check the accuracy of your email address before your purchase.

Age Restrictions

None! All are welcome! Everyone over age 12 must have a ticket.


When permitted, guests may bring their own beverages (including alcoholic beverages). Please consume responsibility and remember to pick up after yourself.


Print or have your ticket purchase confirmation on a mobile device to bring to the show. Your ticket includes the address, parking info, and other details. Please don’t share this info with anyone! In addition, your name will be on a list at the door. If you sell or give your ticket to a friend, please email with details for list purposes.


Doors: 7:00 pm, Showtime: 8:00 pm

Seating and Accessibility

Seating may not be available but feel free to bring a cushion or blanket. There may be stairs in the venue to get to performance area. If you have special needs, please let us know.


Non-flash photography is permitted. Video is discouraged, but enforcement is lax.

All Sales are Final.

Sorry, no refunds. Due to the limited number of tickets please make sure you can attend before you make your purchase. If you can no longer attend a show you can give or sell (at face value) the tickets to a friend. The ticket price is a donation that goes to the musicians.


This will be an intimate acoustic performance hosted in a private space. It’s not a party. Please be respectful of the performance, the hosts, their home, and the neighbors as you come and go. By purchasing tickets you understand and agree that you attend a living room show at your own risk. We do our best to make sure each show is hosted in a place that can adequately and safely accommodate all guests, but you will be responsible for yourself and your own safety at all times. The performers, hosts, homeowners, and other guests at the show will not be responsible for any injury or loss resulting from your attendance or any activities before, during or after the show. Please help us make this a good and positive experience for everyone so we can continue to do shows like this.

Thank you.