Heavyweight “Black Beauty” LP Steps into the Light

The Twilight Hours Black Beauty Album
The Twilight Hours Black Beauty Album

The band is brimming with pride at the release of their new album, Black Beauty. The record is broad in its styles and themes, but united through out by emotional threads of chord and melody.

Black Beauty can be purchased on audiophile-weight black vinyl, CD or as a download.

The album’s debut was marked by declarations by the two Mayors of the Twin Cities that the weekend of its release would be reserved for “Only the music of Matt Wilson and John Munson”. Local radio powerhouse 89.3 The Current obliged Mayors Chris Coleman and Betsy Hodges by letting John and Matt take over the station’s local stream for 24 hours in the midst of the band’s weekend of shows.

Black Beauty’s release was preceded by a Pledge Music campaign that exceeded expectations. Now the group is scrambling to fulfill all the various wares that they offered during that campaign.