The visual genius of John Munson brings us “Sioux City Swinger”!

Sioux City Swingers

John Munson has stitched together another mini masterpiece rock video from royalty-free or only-lightly-stolen footage – this one for our favorite song on the new album Black Beauty, “Sioux City Swinger”. That’s mighty Dan Wilson taking us all up into the sky with stacks and stacks of his perfect voice. We had to mix that… Read more »

Heavyweight “Black Beauty” LP Steps into the Light

The Twilight Hours Black Beauty Album
The Twilight Hours Black Beauty Album

The band is brimming with pride at the release of their new album, Black Beauty. The record is broad in its styles and themes, but united through out by emotional threads of chord and melody. Black Beauty can be purchased on audiophile-weight black vinyl, CD or as a download. The album’s debut was marked by… Read more »

“Burnt, White & Blue” Re-issued on Audiophile-weight Vinyl

Burnt, White & Blue audiophile-weight white vinyl re-issue
Burnt, White & Blue audiophile-weight white vinyl re-issue

Twilight Hours singer Matt Wilson had a bit of a rough patch in the late 1990s. His band Trip Shakespeare had broken up, and from the rubble of that group, two band members, John and Dan, had launched a new project, Semisonic, that was now topping the Billboard charts. Musically, Matt was on his own… Read more »

Maybe, maybe, maybe this is the sweetest video ever?

The Twilight Hours Maybe Video is the sweetest thing ever.
A scene from The Twilight Hours video for the song "Maybe"

Editor’s Note: This song, “Maybe,” and it’s 12 melodious brothers are assembled for you on our new album, Black Beauty, available now in all forms including audiophile-weight black vinyl. As we have been making Black Beauty, as tracks have been coming in and going out, I’ve been making little films to accompany the mixes for… Read more »

Never Too Much Drama: Our Black Beauty Theatrical

Chris Larson sculpture.
Sculptor-beyond-belief Chris Larson (as seen in such venues as the fucking Walker, where Pablo Picasso once had a brief run) will build the sets for this towering production.

As Matt and I have been talking about our big record release for Black Beauty, I personally just could not quite stomach the idea of a “record release show.”  Not that there is anything wrong with anyone else’s “record release show” or RRS, but something about the appellation rubbed me… not right. Besides, Matt was… Read more »